100 Days from Now - 100 Day Challenge
Kristina Dawn is arguably one of the most promising Kindle authors. She is a successful entrepreneur, author, wife and a proud mother of two boys. Her stable family and promising career are enough proof of how possible it is to juggle between family life and work. Her continued faith, motivation, and positive outlook on life is what has always gotten her through her darker hours.
Kristina Dawn has important life skills that have propelled her towards the path of greatness. Kristina has employed discipline and consistency in her life hence being able to overcome obstacles. Through her inspirational books, Kristina gives clear insights on what techniques need to be applied in order to improve your life skills and achieving success.
To achieve success, three qualities will come in handy. Kristina has proven that with these three qualities, it is possible to reach great heights and be a role model to many. Discipline, Consistency and knowledge have been the key drivers to Kristina’s success. On the other hand, discipline has molded the impeccable character she depicts. Her ability to stay relevant has been further boosted by her consistency.
With her great works and proven results, she is the perfect source of motivation for many.

Finish Strong - 100 Day Challenge